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Estate planning

One of the single most important financial considerations anyone or a couple could make is establishing an estate plan. Why is it so important? It helps create clarity and control over your property. Learn more below. 

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The aspects of an estate plan can help many families types and points in their life's' journey. As mentioned, the importance of providing clarity and control over your property and assets is crucial. As a financial advisory firm we handle the financial aspect and partner with various estate planning firms to provide an affordable, efficient and effective solution. We don't give legal or tax advise, but advise on the wealth transfer and effectiveness. We partner with varying estate planning firms and are able to pass along savings and simplify the process. Below are some of the areas where we can help establish estate matters.

  • Trust Documentation- Helps clients with avoiding probate and an efficient transfer of important assets.

    • Revocable Living Trust​

    • Schedule of Assets

    • Pour Over Will

    • HIPAA Authorizations

    • Living Will

    • Power of Attorney

    • Certificate of Trust

  • Will documentation- Instructions for child and pet care and what should happen to assets.

    • Last Will & Testament​

    • HIPAA Authorization

    • Living Will

    • Power of Attorney

  • Guardian documentation- An affordable option for parents to assign care for their children.


Who is this estate planning service a good fit for? You have an estate under 5 million dollars. 


How long does the estate planning process take? After gathering your information, an hour is a good estimate for the actual creation. 

What information will I/we need? 

  1. Designation who is going to get your assets, your beneficiaries. 

  2. Instructions or Method of Distribution of assets to your beneficiaries.

  3. The selection of who will make financial decisions when you can't, selecting a Trustee/Executor/ Power of Attorney.

  4. The selection of who will make your healthcare decisions for when you can't.

  5. If minors, selecting a Guardian who will have physical custody

We offer a complimentary consultation. Book a chat to answer any questions. 


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