We make investing simple by providing access to ETF and stock model portfolios that are customized to meet your investing preferences and financial goals. 

We have low cost portfolio investments as well as performance driven models that generally provide higher returns on average. You pick which is a better option for your situation and can change at any time.

There is no minimum to open an account and an initial $20 to invest gets you started. 

Our secret sauce! We also have individual stock portfolio models that can also be incorporated into a model portfolio. The stock portfolio is a momentum seeking line up that is screened to help add more alpha to investment performance. We use a macro-economic outlook for the overall market conditions and then determine the best micro-economic opportunities with individual stocks bundled in to our proprietary system.  

Our pricing starts at 1.50% per annual for the first $250,000, then reduces by 25 basis points for each additional $250,000. This structure is also called tier pricing, which means you pay less for each tier of $250,0000 and creates a lower blended rate. The fee is broken down into quarterly payments and in the arrears (we like to earn our money, just like you do). 

We trade on Interactive Brokers platform, due to trading costs and best in class trade execution. 

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