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Investopedia Interview 2018

As a contributor with Investopedia and the success I had with responding to community questions, they conducted an interview to learn more about me and my business. I hope you and enjoy and learn how we service clients to achieve their financial goals.

Need help creating your ideal life? I offer a complimentary financial road map session with no obligation to do business by either of us. It is intended to help a person or couple dig deep into their values and goals. This process helps to map out what matters most in a way that is meaningful and creates an impact right away.

If there is a mutual fit then an engagement can be arranged to move forward. That process facilitates a financial planning process like no other. It is intended to help organize all financial matters through a process that help unify a persons budget, tax strategy, investments, insurance and estate matters.

We have the same process for businesses that range below 3 million in annual revenue. With business over 3 million in revenue we have strategic partnerships with the appropriate subject matter experts.

Why is this process better? It allows for a business owner to concentrate on what matters most. We communicate with all subject matter experts to ensure that each specific industry is in alignment with the intended results of a financial plan. This means we collaborate and help consolidate all financial matters. This helps to simplify every financial aspect so that our clients can achieve a higher peace of mind knowing that every aspect of their financial affairs are in sync with their values and goals. This is the only way to truly achieve living your ideal life. Your ideal life could mean how to pay for college for a special child. Taking care of a family member with special needs for their entire life. Being able to travel on your terms for the duration that you want. Passing a legacy on to future generations, be it articles or a business. We can help

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