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Financial Wellness Money on My Mind

Money is the top cause of stress for many Americans, as conducted by The Harris Poll (Oct 2022) for the American Psychological Association. What is on your mind may overwhelm you, especially financial matters. Our lives revolve around what money can do for us. Money is a tool or resource. It isn’t the solution for everything, but it can accomplish lots of things by at least providing options that can soothe certain situations.

Money can also be a source of procrastination, yup, mental fatigue which has you putting things off that you know should be done, but aren’t. It is totally understandable if you don’t have the money to resolve or implement something that provides some security. What if you do have the money, but time is the issue? What if it is masked by your mental health pulling you in the direction that gives you a sweet mental reward for ignoring a task? Do you ever find yourself reasoning with options that you need to do something to accomplish a goal, but delay because something else is more of a priority?

The one thing that I believe is true is that there is more awareness and access to resources, versus seeking help from someone who is unskilled or inexperienced at helping you better understand your mental health. When it comes to your finances and your mental health, there are channels that can help in most situations. There are financial counselors or financial therapists for situations where there are deeply rooted behaviors. They help a person understand why they may feel a certain way as well as how to make the proper adjustments to have a healthier relationship with your finances, or when finances are commingled with a life partner/spouse.

In the financial planning field, licensed advisors more often than not, help people stay grounded, or on the path to being grounded, based on their financial goals. Some financial advisors are even getting certain certifications and training that help better support their clients with mental health matters around finances. In the world of apps and clicking our way to self gratification, wouldn’t it be nice to collaborate with a human to provide a more unique experience? Even with AI on the horizon, computation and algorithms don’t take personalization and uniqueness into account. What do you think will be the next evolution of financial wellness?

Where are you in your journey to living your ideal life? Do finances and financial topics bum you out and you could benefit from a consultation? What if a consultation could help you dig into your values that help you understand what is important to you and how to financially achieve your ideal life? We can help you, free of charge, to begin your journey to living your ideal life.

One last thought, I was looking for music about money, which has lots of tunes in different genres! The O’Jays For the Love of Money, Pink Floyd’s Money, Donna Summer’s She Works Hard for The Money, ZZ Top I Gotsta Get Paid (yup pretty cool remake). A new song that I found pretty interesting was Sam Smith’s Money on Mind and thought, “how relevant”. Is your career choice making you the money for the love of what you do and/or is it providing the lifestyle you want? Please share with me, what is your money jam?

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