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Cesar de la Cerda Believes Actionable Steps Lead to Financial Success!

Since Cesar de la Cerda was a small child, he has been inspired to help people be more effective. Coming from humble beginnings, he was raised by a single mother with no other financial support. He understood the importance of living within a budget and the sacrifices that must be made to be financially stable.  Looking back at his childhood, Cesar wishes his mother would have had access to financial resources that could have helped their quality of life. Although having nicer things would've been great, simply having the ability to spend quality time together would have been even better.

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Cesar's early adulthood took him on a journey to seek out resources to help improve his financial situation. Originally, Cesar aspired to be in medicine and served as a Navy Corpsman. The military helped sharpen his character and gave him access to resources to help pay for an education. He was able to use the military education benefits to attend the University of Houston and earn a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Professionally, Cesar has experience working in sales, management, healthcare and insurance for small businesses and with fortune 100 companies. As a student of the Franklin Covey system and strong believer of "Sharpening the Saw", his training has helped him improve revenues, increase efficiencies and be more effective with many of the companies and individuals he has worked with.  Additionally, he has also endeavored in entrepreneur projects which allowed for great collaboration between other professionals. Ultimately, Cesar's passion lead him to financial consulting and advisory services. 

You may wonder why Cesar pursued a career as a Financial Adviser. With all the financial media noise and apps available to use, people are still financially confused, in debt, not saving or investing adequately and wasting precious time because of poor decisions. Simply knowing something isn't enough. It is through actionable steps and the use of available resources that someone can be financially liberated. By being disciplined and taking actionable steps, a person can achieve financial confidence which leads to having a better quality of life, spending time doing activities you like and with people you care about. His calling is to be a financial steward and help people take action.   

After nearly 20 years of financial services experience, Cesar de la Cerda founded EnvisionVest, LLC in 2017. The company is located in Houston Texas and is a licensed registered investment adviser. EnvisionVest provides investment management and financial planning services that can help you either in person or conveniently online. He established EnvisionVest to be a fee only advisory to avoid having conflicts that commission products can have. More importantly, Cesar wishes to establish long-term relationships by being a trusted financial adviser and acting in your best interest.  As an economist, he is broad minded and takes a comprehensive financial planning approach when working with you.  His investment management strategies use modern portfolio theory for diversification and quantitative analysis for effectiveness. Cesar incorporates technologies that help you get organized and take actionable steps to be more effective with your financial goals.  


He provides a simple process to get started. First, you can have a no cost initial 30 minute conversation to determine if he can help. Secondly, if you feel he can help, a formal agreement is set up that clearly goes over his work and fees. Then, you will work together to make better decisions and take actions to be more effective. After that, Cesar will help monitor your progress and make changes as needed. Book now to start a conversation!

  • Economist, B.S. Economics, University of Houston

  • Registered Investment Adviser

  • Fee only & Fiduciary acting in my clients' best interest.

More about Cesar 

More about Cesar...

He married his second wife, Jeannette, in 2004 and has 5 children. Cesar and Jeannette have 4 children together, and 1 from his first marriage. The children's ages span across 23 years apart, the first being born in 1994, the second in 2006, the third in 2008, the fourth in 2011 and Jeannette's little princess in 2017. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment!  

Together, he and his family have experienced their share of challenges and triumphs. Like any other family, they have dealt with many of the issues that can be uncomfortable to deal with, but must be dealt with head on. This includes aging family members, special needs, health issues, finances, lifestyles and good, old fashioned, bickering about stuff that is insignificant. Their triumphs outweigh the challenges as Cesar and Jeannette pull through together. Having overcome many challenges and obstacles, his family focuses on spending quality time together and the future.

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