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Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning fee starts $1,600 and vary depending on complexity.  Fee can be upfront or broken down in to payments, being the start and delivery or start and ongoing fee. 


Fee Samples: 

  • $100K -200k $1600 fee

  • $200k-$300k $2500 fee

  • Varying income and assets can range from $5000 or higher.


1.50% annually on a tiered basis for first $250,000 and reduced by .25 basis points every additional $250,000. We Offer a WRAP (all inclusive trading fees) and Non-Wrap which may include trading fees. 

Assets Under Management

Fee Samples:

  • $10K $150 annual, billed quarterly $37.50

  • $100K $1500 annual, billed quarterly $375


Tiered Fee Sample:

  • First $250K $3750 annual, $938 billed quarterly.

  • Next $250K $3125 annual, billed $781 billed quarterly


Financial Wellness Benefit has a set up fee ranging from $500-$3000 and a per employee annual fee collected monthly based on average employee head count.

  • Group size <100 $150 per employee

  • Group size 100 - 250 is $125 per employee

  • Group size 250+ $100 per employee

  • 300+ customized

Retirement Plans

Fees are customized and can vary from Assets Under Management to Fixed annual rate. 

Retirement Plan Asset
Fee Samples:

  • 401(k) tiered fees on assets​

    • First $5 million at 25 basis points could be $3125 per quarter

    • Next $5 to $10 million at  15 basis points could be $3750 per quarter.

  • Fix fee could vary from $2500 - $50000 per year depending on size and scope of work. ​

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